Who We Serve

We assist anyone who needs help establishing physical order at home.  We specialize in serving those who are going through difficult times, including those who

  • have lost a loved one and need help sorting through their belongings;
  • feel overwhelmed by clutter or need extra support restoring order;
  • desire to downsize after years of accumulation in their home;
  • need to transition to a retirement home or assisted living.

Our Mission

For those needing nurturing, strength, understanding, and someone to listen as you walk through this journey, Organized with Compassion is ready to help.  Our goal is to assist you in establishing order by sorting through what is unneeded and unwanted in your home, while placing valued and utilized items in an orderly space.  We want to be a gentle hand moving you forward, unfolding a sense of beauty, comfort, and purpose in your home.

How We Are Different

Because we specialize in serving those going through challenging times, you can be assured that we will treat you with patience, encouragement, and understanding. Being mindful of your emotional needs, we will focus on moving at your pace, as you are ready. Our background involves extensive community service, helping others because that is who we are.

Organizational Beginnings

“Organized with Compassion stems from a vision to couple my organizational skills with my desire to serve others.”
– Amy Boutelle, Owner and Organizer

Every journey has a beginning.  Helping others in need was always natural to Amy, and she soon found opportunities which led her toward establishing Organized with Compassion, LLC.

After a family member’s basement flooded with inches of standing water, Amy found herself assessing the extent of the damage and helping to rescue what could be saved from the large craft room in its path.  The owner decided to part with some of the undamaged materials she no longer needed, and Amy researched local organizations that could benefit from the supplies.  Crafting material found new life at the Ronald McDonald House, a local pet shelter, and various women’s groups.  With only items of sentimental value or those now envisioned for specific uses, the room took on a new sense of purpose and order.

Amy once again found herself with an opportunity to help after a dear friend lost her husband.  Her friend found facing her spouse’s belongings difficult and overwhelming and felt a roadblock when trying to sort through them.  Amy came alongside her with comfort and understanding, worked at her friend’s preferred pace, and together they moved forward.