Q & A

1. What benefits are there to hiring a professional organizer?

Sorting through belongings can be an overwhelming process.  Because family members often live out of town or are busy with their career and home life, the amount of help they can offer may be limited.  For well-meaning family that is available to help, circumstances can cause high stress levels and raw emotions, taking its toll on everyone involved.

As an impartial party, a professional organizer is ready to listen to and meet your needs and desires without being emotionally involved or holding outside interest in the outcome of your possessions.  Additionally, someone with organizational skills can help you work through your belongings in an orderly fashion, enabling you to move forward.  They can design your space according to your vision and implement storage solutions tailored to your need.  Hiring a professional organizer is a sound decision that can establish order, reduce your stress, and help you regain peace of mind.

2. Do I need to be with you or can you work on the project alone?

There are several benefits to having you alongside us.  First, we would be better able to tailor your space toward how you function and think.  If you have a habit of placing items in a particular location, we want to be sure to store those items there.  Also, there is healing in the decision-making process and sorting through your items.  However, we are happy to work on the project alone if this is what you prefer.

3. Will our session be confidential?

Absolutely.  It is important to us to respect your privacy.  Confidentiality is a priority. Photos of your space and belongings will not be used without your consent and will not be connected to your name or likeness.

4. What supplies do I need ahead of time?

There is no need to purchase anything.  As we go through the process, we will work together to meet that need.  Organized with Compassion will have on hand office supplies, trash bags, and other initial items to get us started.  If it is decided after sorting items that storage and other organizational items will be needed, those items can be purchased at an additional expense.

5. Should I tidy up before you come?

It is not necessary to pre-clean before we start.  Wherever you are in this moment of need is where we will begin.  These services are non-judgmental and we are here to help.

6. How long will my project take?

Every client is an individual.  We will work at your pace.  We will be asking you for your feedback throughout our time together to make sure we don’t work too fast or too slow, and will happily adjust as needed.  Our goal is to meet your need in your time frame.

7. I filled out the “Contact” form. What can I expect to happen next?

After filling out the form, we will contact you to set up a free in-home consultation.  During the consultation, we will get to know more about you, what your project is, and what goals you have for the space.  By meeting us, you will also have the opportunity to determine if we are a good fit for your needs.   It is important that you feel comfortable working with whoever walks alongside you in this journey.  After gathering ideas and making suggestions, we can schedule our first session if you would like to move forward.